⚡ StyleGAN2 - Official TensorFlow Implementation
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⚡ TensorFlow Basic Tutorial Labs
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⚡ Caffe models in TensorFlow
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⚡ 中文古诗自动作诗机器人,屌炸天,基于tensorflow1.10 api,正在积极维护升级中,快star,保持更新!
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⚡ 深度学习入门开源书,基于TensorFlow 2.0案例实战。Open source Deep Learning book, based on TensorFlow 2.0 framework.
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⚡ VGG19 and VGG16 on Tensorflow
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⚡ 简单粗暴 TensorFlow 2 | A Concise Handbook of TensorFlow 2 | 一本简明的 TensorFlow 2 入门指导教程
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⚡ TensorFlow 2.x version's Tutorials and Examples, including CNN, RNN, GAN, Auto-Encoders, FasterRCNN, GPT, BERT examples, etc. TF 2.0版入门实例代码,实战教程。
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⚡ Tensorflow prebuilt binary for Windows
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⚡ Tensorflow port of Image-to-Image Translation with Conditional Adversarial Nets https://phillipi.github.io/pix2pix/
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⚡ Pretrained models for TensorFlow.js
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⚡ 🔥 TensorFlow Code for technical report: "YOLOv3: An Incremental Improvement"
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⚡ Tensorflow实战学习笔记、代码、机器学习进阶系列
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⚡ Accompanying source code for Machine Learning with TensorFlow. Refer to the book for step-by-step explanations.
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⚡ TensorFlow Tutorials
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⚡ A Tensorflow implementation of CapsNet(Capsules Net) in paper Dynamic Routing Between Capsules
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⚡ Neural style in TensorFlow! 🎨
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⚡ Tensorflow implementation of Human-Level Control through Deep Reinforcement Learning
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⚡ Introduction to Deep Neural Networks with Keras and Tensorflow
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⚡ TensorFlow's Visualization Toolkit
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⚡ Tensorflow chatbot demo by @Sirajology on Youtube
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⚡ TensorFlowOnSpark brings TensorFlow programs to Apache Spark clusters.
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⚡ TensorFlow2.0 官方教程翻译,基本概念讲解、实战项目、TensorFlow2.0编程技巧。
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⚡ TensorFlow 最新官方文档中文版
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⚡ tensorflow implementation of 'YOLO : Real-Time Object Detection'
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⚡ It is open source ebook about TensorFlow kernel and implementation mechanism.
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⚡ Reproduce MTCNN using Tensorflow
⚡ Collection of generative models in Tensorflow
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⚡ Multi-layer Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM, RNN) for character-level language models in Python using Tensorflow
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⚡ 텐서플로우를 기초부터 응용까지 단계별로 연습할 수 있는 소스 코드를 제공합니다
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